Serving Medicare beneficiaries in the digital era

The health insurance industry was slow to embrace the digital revolution, and unsurprisingly, Medicare beneficiaries were among the last health insurance consumers to embrace online shopping. But now it’s fair to say that they are making up for lost time. Each day more than 10,000 Baby Boomers age into Medicare, and these new beneficiaries are digitally savvy and come into the market with modern expectations. They want simple, transparent access to their Medicare coverage options without skimping on the personalized help and advice that prior generations counted on. …

Making Sense of Public Opinion on Healthcare Policy

A recent consumer survey poses a complex analytical chore for policymakers on when, how, and how much government should be involved in healthcare. While a majority of consumers are distrustful of government-managed healthcare, large numbers favor federal intervention on drug pricing and expanded access to Medicare.

When it comes to a preference for more government versus less, consumers are sharply divided in roughly even proportions. Among those who distrust government, there is an interesting crossover when it comes to increased access to Medicare and federal intervention on drug prices. …

Scott Flanders

Husband, father, CEO at eHealth. Passionate about fitness, privacy, information transparency, and healthcare policy.

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